A Thoughtful Surprise


I received the oddest package in the mail today. I cut open the box and pulled out a bag full of leaves. The memories came rushing back as the smell I’ve never forgotten filled the air. Oh how I missed fall. It’s just not the same here compared to where I grew up. Sure a few leaves fall to the ground but I miss the rustling sound under my feet. I still have the urge to run and jump as I picture a bunch of raked leaves set perfectly into a pile. That bag of leaves took me back for a moment to a time I am most fond of. I am so grateful to my brother in law who took the care and time to fill that bag and mail it to me so many miles away. I am tickled pink that he overheard my conversation telling my sister how homesick I often feel during the fall season. It was such a thoughtful surprise. A random act of kindness that completely made my day. I am beyond grateful for the thought. Those are the kind of deeds we must pay forward. When is the last time someone did something kind and unexpected just for you?

5 thoughts on “A Thoughtful Surprise

  1. How lovely.
    Earlier in the year I was feeling really down, things had finally got on top of me and I ‘lost it’ in the laundry. A friend brought me some daffodils after they’d been shopping which almost started me off again. Then another friend was given a bunch of flowers at Slimming World and gave me the biggest single bloom in it. I am blessed to have such friends.

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  2. One afternoon, coming home from the office, my wife invited me to have a drink. I was fully surprised by a cheerful”Happy Birthday”, sung by a circle of friends sitting in our almost dark backyard.

    But still more thoughtful was the surprise I received from a younger collegue of mine during a couple of years. We were getting along nicely without, however, becoming close, or even really friends. When I retired from the bank, she jotted down on a farewell card how much she had enjoyed our chats. Specially one of them that took place when she was experiencing a personal problem that I was unaware of but, somehow, things I said to her had helped her to overcome the hurdle. I was too much pleased to ask her about that difficulty, and it really did not matter.


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