It’s Easier To Preach Than To Practice


Sometimes it’s hard to practice what you preach. I usually love November because it’s a time I actively focus on the things I am grateful for. However, this year the challenge was much greater than I could’ve imagined. I could come up with something I should be grateful for but the feelings didn’t accompany the words. I have been moving through life recently unenthused. It’s painful to admit the emptiness I have been consumed with lately. Depression has crept back into the shadows and left me feeling cold and dark. I used to say, there is always something to be grateful for and I believe those words ring true today. However, feeling grateful and listing things to be grateful for are very different from one another. I’ve come to the realization that the real struggle lies somewhere between our expectation of someone or something and the actual reality they bring to our lives. It’s hard to feel grateful and disappointed at the same time. Today I felt called to go back to yoga and I did. More on that story later but the first thing the instructor said to me was just don’t judge yourself. The words made me want to cry. I haven’t been practicing self love and the truth is I haven’t felt much love toward others. I have felt frustration, disappointment and even anger. I had shut down completely and built those walls so high around myself, I couldn’t even feel the wind less an ounce of gratitude. You can’t heal what you don’t acknowledge so even though it hurts to speak the truth, I look forward to allowing the healing to begin. What is something that is easier for you to preach and harder for you to practice?


14 thoughts on “It’s Easier To Preach Than To Practice

  1. yes, unfortunately, it’s so hard to practise what you preach! I always know what’s best for me, but sometimes it’s really tough to actually do it – and sometimes you simply don’t feel like doing it. I really enjoyed reading this post ❤

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  2. Depression is a swine and knocked me for 6, everything was just too much of an effort. Medication helped me come to terms with my problems and issues to such an extent that I turned it round, seeing it as a chance to rebuild my life, and myself. I was in a place I didn’t want to be with a person I no longer liked, let alone loved, so I made plans to leave…… and did. Best move ever. I still get down. Things still get on top of me. I still worry I’m failing somewhere. But this time I have someone in my corner who doesn’t belittle me and is supportive. He met me when I was at my lowest, and still stuck around.


  3. It must be something in plenty of us bloggers that’s taking hold as winter approaches…or general winter-approaching blahs? Or, maybe, astrology plays a part.

    I’ve encountered a few people like you who is sharing my depression and curbed enthusiasm. It’s a small comfort not to be alone with those feelings yet unsettling how it may be spreading. It’s as if the moon were blocking out the sun in an emotional way.

    Self love is hard for me because, even when I don’t feel as generous or charitable as I could be (partly because of my natural conservatism/self-preservation instincts), I am more likely to be compelled to show love to another than I do myself…or, at least, what my brain conceives as a loving gesture.

    Right this moment, I want to slap myself because I am addressing your situation/feelings yet starting just about every sentence with “I,” and I’ve been doing that all over this place like I am in dire need of analyzing or defending myself.

    I think what we all should practice is neither judging nor total ignorance/acceptance, but some measure of acceptance that lets us go with the flow and maybe be grateful without expressing gratitude. Sometimes, gratitude is not apparent. It may be hidden in the satisfied belly of the hungry one who snatches food someone worked hard to complete/bake/cook. It might be in the drawing acquired/downloaded by one aspiring artist from another, the former who benefits with inspiration or keeps the artwork as a motivator/pleasing sight to look at from time to time. Even in blogland, there are silent LIKES without extension of personal words. It’s shallow, somewhat empty gratitude, but…

    Accept that you are unable to be grateful at this time, just as I struggle with being productive in some areas, including creativity which is currently coming and going, typically obsessively to speak of what I am starving to have/find. I am not the artist I used to be. But, then, I stopped being that artist when my output was not serving purpose. Maybe you feel a need to be grateful like a cow giving milk or a blogger posting on a schedule. But, the cosmos has weakened that energy in you, for now. Accept that and devote your energy elsewhere, even if that means self-healing (before you realize that may be love, too), like yoga (which I should try, again, too).

    [Then again, such acceptance could be viewed as laziness/carelessness and lead to greater inactivity. But, who can say for sure. To each their opinion.]

    Someone recently shared a Buddhist story with me which spoke of something similar. I can’t properly relay the story. But, the basic tenet of it was to accept what is and what isn’t and do what you can with what remains. If the water dries up in town, it’s not the end of the world nor the definite end of the water supply. So, we just need to learn to accept the change and do what we can in the time until something better (or worse) comes along.

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    • Thank you for your wisdom. I so desperately needed to hear those words and I am thankful you took the time to share them with me. My blog is about a new perspective and you my friend have just provided me with one. Thank you


      • I think we both could benefit from some real hugs, too. I feel a strong lack of love and acceptance of me in my life. I’ve been at odds with family and others so long, it’s amazing I have any faith or ability to be kind to others left (not to mention energy/motivation to achieve anything or challenge myself). I feel like I’ve been aging in a smog rather than growing with water and sunshine. [I think of myself as a bamboo plant.]

        Ah, see you were able to say thanks. 😛 hehe

        You are most welcome. It’s unfortunate we cannot get together and strengthen each other easier. Even duking out thoughts could be therapeutic like yoga for us. I’ve had difficulty and seen others have difficulty communicating (feelings/honesty/real challenges they need help with) and how time has slipped away, adding only to grief.

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      • Yes in a world where most of my interactions remain on such a shallow level, I am thirsty for some depth and honesty. Sometimes I wonder if there are only of a few of us left who share this need for deeper connection. Everyone seems so distant and distracted. It’s no wonder I often feel loneliest in a room filled with people. Yet, in a virtual room of bloggers I feel understood.


      • Nah, there are enough of us that we are running into each other in a place like this. 😛 That seems to be a thread of the internet; it strangely brings like minds together, yet it seems somewhat draining rather than nourishing other than giving us a few signs of common ground. We expend and rely on outside energy to get here in hopes of connecting more often than we do. It’s kind of like getting attached to a star in the sky and then hoping you can see it again in the sky the next night or week.

        Not EVERYONE is so distant/distracted. But, we see enough–namely those who seem to stare at those computer-phone screens–who can be quite aggravating. [I know one who pushes my limits and makes me want to scream at him; but I don’t want to add another source of conflict to my situation. I don’t want him to feel like we have to be enemies/argue. I may no longer be welcome in his home.]

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