When Did Laziness Become An Option?


Sometimes it infuriates me how easily some people are able to ignore their responsibilities. If they don’t feel like doing something than they just aren’t going to do it. Doesn’t seem to matter if the consequence will affect them negatively. It’s more important to live in the moment and just do what feels good. I can’t help but wonder how different my own kids lives would be if I just didn’t feel like being their mom the past 18 years. Maybe I should have slept when they wanted to eat or ignored when they needed their pants changed. I see this pattern with my youngest and it drives me nuts. I didn’t set this kind of example. I didn’t phone it in or slack off or take a personal vacation from parenting or anything else when I just didn’t feel like being responsible that day. Granted it has gotten better with maturity and time but these little missteps have grave consequences and can undo weeks and months of hard work by one decision to be lazy. Am I alone here or is anyone experiencing the same thing? Not doing my work was never an option. I wouldn’t dare. That is why I am so shocked and in disbelief that people have such a different mindset when it comes to work and responsibility. I guess I just needed to vent and reach out to see if I am alone in this.


9 thoughts on “When Did Laziness Become An Option?

  1. sklawlor

    You are not alone in this at all. There is laziness everywhere and the most maddening aspect of it is that there seem to be no consequences for the incompetence that is a result of the lax attitude that people seem to have towards the responsibilities they have been given. A perfect example of this is the people who work at the drive throughs in some fast food chains. When you make an order, it’s on a computer screen in all it’s perfect detail and yet the results of your request are often, if not always, different from the initial order. These fools expect a wage of $10 to $15 an hour for this kind of work? That is more unbelievable to me than the initial incompetence.

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  2. No, you’re not alone in your way of thinking. It’s not just responsibility, it’s attitude as well.
    I was brought up to say please and thank you, take a pride in my appearance and belongings, keep my room tidy, clear up after me, etc etc. I have no kids to ‘pass this on’ to but did my best with the foster kids in my care.
    My nieces are slovenly, loud, rude and obnoxious (their kids not much better), and ‘keeping house’ was not a trait passed on if the parental home is anything to go by.
    Our house is by no means a palace, but it’s kept clean and tidy, and any visitors drink their tea or coffee out of a clean mug that’s in the cupboard, not needing to be washed up in a sink full of a week’s dirty crockery.

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  3. koolaidmoms

    I wonder if it is a combination of maturity, lack of ambition due to technology and the idea that there is no hard work to do many things. Want food? Get on your phone Grub Hub delivers. Vacuum? Roomba can do that. On and on…..

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