How Can We Stop This Violence?


I see the same question come up time and time again. “What can we do to fix this problem?” It doesn’t matter what the issue is. People seem to look outside into the world for some type of solution. Few are brave and honest enough to ask, how am I contributing to this problem and what can I do to change myself so that I become part of the solution? It’s easier to jump on the problem train traveling full speed ahead then it is to bravely step off and try to stop its momentum. All this talk about gun control seems crazy to me. Violence and hatred comes from within. We have a heart problem followed by a problem with self control. Violence comes in many forms so why can we only recognize it when someone shoots a gun into a crowd of people or plows a car over innocent souls? You want to end the violence? It starts with your own words, thoughts and actions. If you are on social media verbally blasting a particular group, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. If you are obsessed in your thinking about taking someone or some group out, you are the problem. If you call people names and attack total strangers because they believe in something you do not, you are the problem. Start there. Don’t look out, look in. Fix your role and the part you play in the violence destroying our very humanity. Be accountable for the energy you bring to this space. Do no harm. Stop the violence coming from your own mind, mouth and heart. Be the difference. Change yourself, change the world.

Which Type of Person Are You?


There are two kinds of people in the world. People who do too much and the people who let them. 

As a parent, I have raised my kids to do their share. I don’t allow them to compare themselves to other kids and to use that comparison as an excuse to do a half assed job when it comes to their responsibility. Do your part to the best of your ability every time you do anything at all. That’s my philosophy. I do think I did cheated them a bit by not reinforcing to not allow people to take advantage of them. It’s okay to be kind and do things for others. It’s not okay when the scale is always tipped one way. 

As I step back and look at some older people in the community, I realize now how the ones who have picked up the slack for others have taken a real beating. I see the toll it takes on their own mental and physical well being. I also see the ones who took advantage of their endless giving regardless of the toll it’s taken. I’ve always believed the world would be better off if everyone took care of their own responsibilities. That is the way we all carry a load that never seems too heavy. It’s when we carry our own garbage and allow others to pile theirs on top, when we see people suffer in the form of physical and mental ailments. How can someone who puts everyone before himself, properly care for his own well being?

I can’t help but ask myself who is more at fault. The people who willingly take advantage or the people who willingly let them.