People First


Sometimes the simplest things spark my deepest thoughts. I realize today how similar we actually are. As I sat watching The Greatest Showman today, I couldn’t believe how reality reached in and grabbed a hold of me. We have a pattern as human beings for wanting to destroy what we don’t understand. Instead of giving someone or something a chance, it seems easier to fight or protest against it. One thing really hit me today. Life is never fair. At one time or another, we all feel discriminated against. Whether it’s because of our height, our ability, our intellect, the color of our skin or perhaps the sex we were born into…we have all experienced it. We have all felt stuck outside the circle of feeling accepted, and valued. We have all been hated or shunned or passed over because of a single attribute. The sad truth is we could change every single thing about ourselves or the one thing we think may hold us back and our experience would probably be the same. Maybe not to the same degree but it would still be there. The problem is never about who we are but the way someone is seeing us. We judge each other on almost everything there is to evaluate and somewhere a long the way, the real essence of a person remains unseen. There is nothing worse than feeling small and someone purposely trying to make one feel smaller. Why do people take delight in destroying other people’s lives or cheering for their failure? For people who claim to despise hate, how have we become so good at it? I’ve never quite fit into this way of thinking and I am grateful I find it hard to understand. People find fault and criticize with such passion that you’d think they get paid for it. We fight for justice for one soul while demeaning and taking down another. We demise what we don’t understand and who we will never try and understand. Where have we gone so wrong and what will it take to ever turn this misfortune around?

If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it. If nothing else, it is entertaining and maybe it will inspire you to go deeper into your own thinking as it has for me. Love one another. Be kind. Put people before opinions, judgement, and any other nonsense we claim to have an affinity with. Remember what or who is really important. People and God First. Everything else second.

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