Do You Dread Mornings?


Have you ever wondered how your first thoughts in the morning affect your day? Do you wake up dreading getting out of bed or are you bursting with excitement over what’s to come? How can we change our attitude so that the alarm clock isn’t a call for alarm but rather a wake up call to the pleasant surprises in store for us that day?

Today I hid underneath the covers. If I could have avoided starting the day, I most likely would have. My goal was to at least avoid and delay. I am happy to report that I did manage to crawl from my bed and the thought of it was much worse than the reality. Sometimes we just need to change our thoughts. Why make something worse than it has to be when we have a chance to make something great? I’m committed to making mornings great again.Time to set the intention of starting out with a positive vibe. The rest will all just fall into place. What kind of morning person are you?


11 thoughts on “Do You Dread Mornings?

    • Yes it’s tough to wake up somedays. Wouldn’t life be wonderful if we were always on our own schedule? I drive my son to school bit he will be driving on his own in 2 months. I try and remind myself this is an opportunity to spend some time together 😉

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  1. koolaidmoms

    I so need to do this. I am a night owl and despise mornings. Because I have a flexible schedule I sometimes lie in bed reading and sending emails on my phone far too long. It is warm and cozy under those blankets!

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  2. So many rely on coffee to get them started. But, I think that only really works if you’re of an earth element or truly powered by caffeine. Otherwise, I fear it’s a false hope or myth others should not try.

    With that said, I am usually a decent morning person. I like to get up with the sun and throw myself together (not much pampering). I’d be a decent fireman if I could tolerate the risks/conditions. What kills my good morning feelings is anxiety of what may come and the uncertainty of steps I need to take. I get lots of input on what I should probably or need to do but little actual comforting teamwork. Which is why I’ve grown rather irritated and deaf to blind advice. It just adds another layer of nagging voice and guilt to my brain. If I knew what I was doing every day and knew I would be working with people I like/trust, I’d be a much happier riser.

    [It’s important to tune out voices that have no direct impact on our lives, too. So, I try to avoid alarming “news” reports, mind-numbing ads and celebrity gossip, filtering entertainment for genuine laughs and inspiration, if there is any to be found.]

    I am NOT a night person other than I can endure the night in “zombie mode” and pretty much slip into anything within a safe environment. I do not like being out in a crowd of strangers at night or walking under street lights much, especially if I am without familiar company. I’d rather shop during daylight hours than get out of a store as it’s closing.


    • That a lot of information. I too try and avoid news and doom and gloom in the morning. I don’t really do coffee often but I am a diet Mountain Dew addict. Morning, day and night! I get super tired in the middle of the day regardless of how much sleep I get. I used to be a night person but now refer to myself as an early evening person. My bed loves me around 10:00 and I love it right back! Thanks for sharing!


      • Eew ew ew! Sorry to JUDGE :P, but ANY diet soda is bad for us. And, that is one of the worst. Mt. Dew on its own is so high in acid that it’s dangerous for teeth (and other metals). Diet Mt. Dew is just watered down with a sugar substitute which makes it harder for the body to process; double trouble. You are clearly sugar-crashing. Your mind is accelerated with all sorts of thoughtful whims and nothing to ground them but harsh reality and world news. So, definitely, limit the Dew to evenings, between dinner and 9 pm, the latest. Give yourself something more natural to start the day, something with vitamin D3, perhaps, and end the day with something decaffeinated and light, a light tea or just room-temp. water is ideal. Maybe hot cocoa or warm milk to settle a nervy stomach. Honey and lemon in hot water for sore throats/colds.

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      • No lecturing. Well, in my mind, a lecture would be much longer. 😛

        Not liking water is like not liking oxygen. You gotta breathe. You gotta hydrate. We are 3/4 water. If you don’t like your tap water or bottled water, you might try adding something to flavor it (and NOT buy flavored water which has gawd knows what in it). I sometimes just add a squirt of lemon juice to make it better for the throat and slightly filling when you want to beat cravings at times you should not be eating. Not everything is unhealthy, but there are so many dark forces pushing us like cattle to settle for less.

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      • Yeah. Though we’re supposed to consume more water daily to avoid pruning, peeling skin, brown spots, etc. It helps with stress and pain. It’s cleansing. And, you can get water in other things, like moist breads. I like to have a water bottle handy which, for whatever reason, makes the tap water taste better. I also tend to have water with meals, now, instead of sodas or sweet drinks–with exception to lemonade and sweet teas–because soda just makes me more thirsty, now.

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