America, Are You Being Played?


Sometimes I wonder if people will ever get it. I don’t often comment directly on worldly events but each day that passes by, I feel more embarrassed to call myself an American. When I see people line up to fight to the death with family and friends over the latest headline, I wonder how such trivial matters have become worth dying for and how being a decent human being has become a thing of the past. I shake my head as I wonder repeatedly how such nonsense can draw such attention and conflict. Someone from a private meeting attracts the attention of the circus media and by golly folks we have another show. We are the ones being played by attending another performance but go ahead and waste hours of your lives arguing over matters that are so ridiculous. He said, she said. He tattled, she reported. We are like a middle school playground and frankly it’s not only embarrassing but downright shameful. This game has consequences beyond the pettiness that plays out in Washington. And we the people line up along each fence and join in the childish behavior like our lives depend on it. Am I seriously the only person who sees through this stuff? Why would we purposely cause drama and blow every single thing so far out of proportion that we are seriously at war with one another over everything and anything? I won’t play this game because I realize how damaging it really is. I am surprised people are so willing to be played by their hatred for a president or hatred toward contradicting political parties. How sad and wasteful of the time we’ve been given but my opinion is one of many and we certainly have no shortage in sight when it comes to them. They are a dime a dozen and everyone of us has more than are necessary but we will stand up and speak our truth til we are blue in the face rather than make a single move to work toward cooperation and peace. We keep telling ourselves we are fighting for a cause, making a difference. Look around you because we certainly are. We are leaving our mark no different than a dog. This is our legacy. Own it. I’m not proud.

16 thoughts on “America, Are You Being Played?

  1. Um, no. Im not ashamed, I personally have nothing to be ashamed for, just for any behavior from other people, I will never feel ashamed on behalf of other people. Ever. I’m not really sure little everything is so you’re saying people should be ashamed of, but I think you’re wrong, are exercising our rights and even all the over-the-top stuff is just people exercising their free speech, really not something to be ashamed of. Is it messy? Is it chaotic? Yes, but that’s life. And you know, if you’re talking politics I hope you’re talking about antifa, the marches and protests of our president, Trump supporters getting beat up continuously over the two years of campaigning, and over the last year, the Republicans as a rule of thumb being slapped with the label racist even though it doesn’t really apply, I mean I could go on, and we could feel shame about these things I guess, but those aren’t my doing, those things are being done to me and others who share my political viewpoints. as for myself, my own beliefs, my own actions, my own values, I have nothing to feel ashamed for or be ashamed of. Just fyi, regardless of which particular side you’re talking about, or even if you’re talking about both sides, I don’t think either side is particularly receptive to guilt trips; well reasoned positions, logical arguments, and explaining what are you basing your opinions on specifically is a lot more effective in my experience, definitely a better approach than trying to shame people into agreeing with you.

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  2. I guess you might think the world is ending and a bomb is about to do us all in. How does that make you feel like doing any good in this life?

    The world (news) can get us down and drive us blind, mad, crazy…if we let it. Even if the world is doomed by those who seem to be running the show (and what do we REALLY know?), we still have to live OUR lives in whatever busy city or rural bumfook we occupy. So, I feel it’s best we put our heads down and get to work rather than look up and listen to all the crap being spewed by the louder mouths. Don’t let what is clearly rattling you–and me, when I let it in–rattle you. Let the fighters fight until the fight comes to your door.

    In my own opinion, as I am sure I’ve already elaborated more than most would online, yes, too much time, resources and energy are wasted by those in power while the labor force scrambles in confusion like scared cattle or that black and white snow old TVs used to show when there was no channel available, those little static ants banging into each other with no order to the madness. That’s what we become when we don’t stay focused and fruitful.

    If I think too much about what good I am doing or not doing, I might as well sit on a Buddhist mountain and meditate til I die of starvation. I wouldn’t mind that, right about now. It’s an easy coma to slip into, easier than paddling upstream in a world of ever-changing currents that pressure us to save here and spend there because this is good for you and this is bad and this will no longer be there for you. But, how realistically can I sit on that mountain? [Still, it sounds almost blissful in comparison to “living a modern life.”]

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    • I’m all for the mountain but not until it gets a little bit warmer. I try and not let it get to me but just like you alluded, when it gets to everyone around me I become a victim to it as well. Balance is hard to find these days but I never quit trying to achieve it.

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      • I sometimes wonder if the people who cite Yoda are not right. Perhaps we say we are “trying” too much when, in reality, we are thinking about it but not DOING anything. Yoda said there is no try. I think we’re inclined to get swept away like leaves versus actually combating the wind and going our own way and/or a better way.

        And, if you have to wait for warmer weather to head for the mountain, then it’s not a safer place to go (all year round).

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