The Sky Is NOT Falling


My eyes popped open in the middle of the night resulting in hours of lying there imprisoned by my own mind. The more time passed by, the darker my thoughts got. Little suggestions were blown so out of proportion, there wasn’t a single chance I would get back to sleep again. It’s as if the mind has an imagination of its own that far exceeds actual reality.

I went to bed last night after reading several Facebook posts. We all have those friends who like to make a point especially after a major news drop. Not only do they have to comment and shove their opinion down the throats of their friends and family, they then have to update and restate it in different words. It goes something similar to this every single time. The sky is falling. It’s over. The world as we know it is ending. Their negativity is infectious and somehow they pull us into a storm of their own creation. It reminds me of last night where I was trapped in a black hole of dread and negativity.

This morning as I awaken, I intentionally remind myself of how blessed I am. I have to do my part to make sure the Chicken Little’s of the world do not break my spirit. I pray I can keep an internal calm that measures what is important and what I need to let skate on by. I am given so little time housed in this body and I am determined to not fall victim to the nonsense that surrounds me. Life is challenging enough without exaggerating and emphasizing that which should be given little or no attention. How we spend our fleeting time says more about each one of us than what we believe or the battles we sign up to fight. Be the peace that swallows the storm until all you can do is feel the warmth and see the beautiful light. Sorry Little, the sky is not falling no matter how many times you try and convince me it is. And if by some chance it does, I will be gratefulI didn’t spend my time wasted on worrying about it just so the last words I utter could be, “See! I was right”. Live mindfully. Look for the good and don’t ever fall victim to someone else’s negativity. We need more light so we wake up and recognize we don’t have to be in the darkness anymore.


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