Could The Way We Hear Something be the Problem?


Here’s something to ponder. Maybe it’s not someone’s words that are so offensive but rather our interpretation of the words. This could clear up some serious misunderstanding and conflict. If we don’t like someone, we are probably more apt to interpret their words in a negative, unflattering way. Just a thought.

Two people can hear the same words but understand them to mean something entirely different. Just last night I told my son to turn the heat down to 71 degrees and he set the air conditioner to 71. He heard something different than what I said. No ones really at fault, our minds just work different ways. Remember that next time you get yourself crazy over someone’s words.


13 thoughts on “Could The Way We Hear Something be the Problem?

  1. Oh, obviously so. It’s not all the same though.

    Sometimes we don’t really listen all the way through and fill in the details wrong. Sometimes our own prejudices change what we hear, though that’s more tone and connotation than actual word use misunderstanding. And sometimes we don’t have a common definition of terms.

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    • Yes such great points. That common definition point is a huge one today. Not only generally but also across generations when you are parenting kids who speak the same words with knowingly different meaning. It’s really tough to communicate and fully understand what someone is saying. It really takes mindful intention to come close to getting it right.


      • It really takes mindful intention to come close to getting it right. And too often – and I’m speaking of discourse between supposed adults – getting it right is not possible at all, e.g., most discussions on “equality,” “racism,” “fairness,” and/or “sexism.” Too many people have other than normative definitions of those words themselves to “get it right.”


  2. There is definitely something in our human heads that is messing with interpretation/understanding/reception. In some cases, it can be decoded as an unwillingness to listen. That satisfies the psychologists of the world. But, that, I suspect, is not always the case. I DO think we humans are not all as human as we are lead to believe. I think we are “mutts” of various species, blurred variations that don’t all speak the same language.

    As I’ve mentioned many times before in various places, some humans are like dogs, others like cats, etc. Dog people favor butts while others favor chests, etc. Some hate the cold while others thrive in it. How is this possible? It’s not just some cute personality test you take to see if you have cooties. I suspect it’s deep within our DNA, something that divides us beyond anything with which we try to correct ourselves. I think, just as we cannot clearly speak with dogs or certain other species, we cannot all speak clearly with other humans, that there are certain people who resonate differently from ourselves, so differently that there is confusion and misunderstanding.

    I have a hunch this can be unveiled through astrology, to some degree. I notice I do not often get what (in Chinese astrology terms) horse people are saying. I didn’t like Shakespeare when I read his stuff, though so many praise him. I don’t know his astrology presently, but there may be something in that interfering with my appreciation.

    So many things that go unnoticed or unaddressed while so many others are given focus by those making use of broadcasted media.

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      • It’s so nice to be appreciated. Another human failing I see too much of, lately, is the short attention span and capacity for appreciating thoughtful responses versus “tweets” and “emojis.” I don’t need one more reason to cry in this world. It’s hard enough feeling I engage anyone to the fullness of my breath, heart and mind. Too often I feel I either am not as smart as some I encounter who are part of some “brain squad” or I am “too much” for a group who don’t apply the same level of brainpower to a situation or topic. So, when someone genuinely appreciates my input, it’s like a drop of water in my mouth as I walk a desert.

        Even that appreciation of mine was lengthy! 😛 heh

        I was just saying to someone today that it’s a shame long letters are not favored these days. When I was a kid, getting a long pen pal letter was a treat, and I savored each paragraph, only wincing or frowning when there was something that upset or disappointed me to read. But, if the letter wasn’t very long, I felt worse because, usually, I had enough to fill a few pages, even if I felt I didn’t have much to discuss.

        As tragic as some may make me for not being a man of few words, I like to think my many words are not crap nor preachy. I just expand like a hurricane as I process a thought. Too bad that couldn’t help me with term papers back in the day.


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