We Are Glass


I went to see the latest Star Wars movie yesterday. There was one line that caught my attention. It went something like this, “Good guys, bad guys…made up words.” Made me scratch my head and think this actually mat be true today. How can one ever really know the truth? The only one who knows a persons heart and true intentions is the person himself. The rest is just pure speculation. Maybe we are neither good or bad but victims innocently trapped in a box that somebody else has the privilege to label. Maybe we are just people whose narrative gets decided by the people who have the audacity to try and write our story. Maybe we are too hard on one another, seldom allowing anyone the benefit of the doubt. Maybe we over analyze and believe the nonsense we tell ourselves because in looking too closely, we only see the part we choose to see and the whole picture never has a chance to be seen. Maybe we should look inward more and leave others well enough alone. We are like human magnifying glasses, only magnifying the parts we are willing to see. Maybe it is our glass that is faulty and not the person we are looking at and we no longer know the difference because our vision is connected to too many other things. We are tainted, distorted glass trying to see someone else with absolute clarity with a clarity that just does not exist. We are glass. We distort, we crack, we break and sometimes we catch our own reflection when we have the courage to take a look. Maybe we need to soften. Perhaps we need to quiet the narrative of our mind and look a little deeper with our hearts. Maybe we needn’t look at all. What do you think?

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