Which One Are You?


There are those people who open the blinds every morning so everyone can see the sun. There are also those people who purposely create a room of darkness to keep out the light. Which person are you?

It’s amazing to me how consistent some people are with their positivity or negativity and how they use it to influence others especially on social media. It’s time to be accountable for everything we say and do and how it contributes to humanity as a whole. Something to consider.

5 thoughts on “Which One Are You?

  1. I’m the person who looks out the window eager to experience a new day. Although I love seeing the sun actually shine, I know that sometimes there will be rain, snow, or blow. Oops…I forgot to mention fog.

    Do I have a problem with the dark? Nope, especially since I know that I can only see it because there is still a little light shining through!

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  2. I take it you are stewing over something said either here or something you read/saw on other “social media” platforms. This isn’t a simple question about letting light in or keeping it out/dark.

    Another thing that may never fully be known/understood is the intent of every person we encounter, whether we sort of know that person personally or see them on TV and only know a sliver about that person. [If you are really good friends with someone, you ought to be able to read their intentions.] Every day, we shift, we shift interests/motivations, tastes, etc. We may willingly shift, be pressured to shift or shift because of some outside force we don’t even see or acknowledge nudges us. You might wake up with the intent of doing A but drift into doing B if you don’t stay focused/driven. You might intend on making someone happy and achieve the opposite.

    If we really want to talk about the daylight and darkness, I would say I gradually let the phases in and out. Until the sun is high/bright enough to feel comfortable opening curtains/blinds, I leave whatever shut. If I want to behold nature and have a decent view of it from any window, I’ll open the blinds/curtains there. If I need the light, I’ll try to avoid turning on electric lights and get by with daylight. As the streetlights come on, I try to close everything before I get tired. [I feel like I’m explaining breathing habits or how to eat an apple.]

    Sometimes, if the window is facing a busy street or neighbor’s house, I am wary of opening blinds/curtains (which is the case often enough). I may not have any reason to be concerned, but I feel like I am exposed, naked and being watched.

    When I am watching TV or a DVD at home, I tend to block out the light because–well, heck–I imagine most people would not want the daylight reflecting off their screens or washing out what you can see, especially during dark scenes. That’s why movie theaters don’t come with sunroofs.

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