What Do You REALLY Want?


I just read a great post about the desire of people to have respect and peace in these troubling times. Sometimes what we say and what we do contradicts one another. Hypocrisy is a disease that is growing at an alarming rate. We can’t have selective respect and we certainly can’t have selective peace. We either have it or we don’t. The hypocrisy comes into play when we allow our mind to separate who deserves our respect and who does not. It’s important to remember that we don’t always get what we desire but we do frequently get what we give. So ask that question to yourself and answer it honestly. Am I giving respect or am I giving respect to who I decide deserves it? Am I bringing peace to the world or am I bringing conflict, division and discord? Why do we even feel we are on a level to judge another human being let alone decide if they deserve our respect? We have an over inflated sense of self these days that bonds us with other people and gives us a collective opportunity and excuse to behave badly. We label people in a way that determines if they are on par or beneath us and then we wonder where the world has gone so wrong. The answer is simple and if you took an honest look, it would be clear. We speak out about speech toward one person but then we turn around and use that same hate speech toward someone else after of course we determine that person deserves it. Why can’t people see what is so plainly obvious? Maybe because they would have to admit they practice the same behavior they claim to abhor because well it’s different. Nope. Not different. It’s time we own who we’ve become and to stop making excuses. Let’s bring honesty back and shame hypocrisy into becoming a thing of the past. Let’s prove that peace and respect are truly priorities and then maybe we will see them emerge. We get more of what we focus on. As a whole, does it really appear that Americans practice respect or peace? Is that really their focus? Time to get real and be honest.


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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