Would You Want to Come Home to You?


Those aha moments aren’t always positive ones. I was thinking about how uncomfortable it feels the days I pick my son up from school when he is in a bad mood. Teenagers are just moody and I never know which version of him I’m gonna get. I asked myself the difficult question of what am I like to come home to? It is easy to focus on everyone else but sometimes it’s both painful and necessary to analyze myself. The truth was not pretty but there was no denying it. I wait to bombard my husband with complaints about the things that went wrong with my day before he even closes the door behind him. Honestly, I’m surprised he even comes home at all. Here he is, happy to head home to a peaceful place after a hard day’s work and there I am waiting to pounce. I’m not sure I’d like to come home to me either and I am going to try my best to focus on his day and keep quiet about mine. Sometimes we are too big for our own britches and we fail to see the selfishness that is spilling out of ourselves. So today, I challenge you to ask yourself this simple question. Would you want to come home to you? Be honest.

2 thoughts on “Would You Want to Come Home to You?

  1. No. And sometimes I wouldn’t like to wake up to me either.
    When I was working for the bank, Hubby would determine my mood/day by whether the handbag was thrown through the door first, or I walked in. On a bad day he’d offer a cup of tea from the safety of the kitchen knowing I wouldn’t want to talk about it until I’d had a relaxing shower. That’s love.

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