Mind Your Own Damn Business


I saw a video circulating around Facebook earlier today. The purpose was to demean and devalue the Presidents relationship with his wife. The funniest part is the friend who shared the video has never been in a marriage. It’s easy to look at bits and pieces of someone’s relationship and think we know all about it. The truth though is relationships are difficult. They go through ups and downs that come along with moments we feel ashamed at our own behavior and other times we feel strong, resilient and proud. Imagine if we all turned our time and attention inward. What difference would be made if we stopped watching and judging other people and worked on our own relationships. In a world where we mind everyone else’s business, maybe it’s time to pause and focus our mind on working on ourselves. And that is my Monday minute. Let me know what you think.

18 thoughts on “Mind Your Own Damn Business

  1. Regardless of anyone’s opinion of Trump, no one has the right to think they can judge his personal relationships. No one knows what really goes on inside a marriage apart from the two people involved. Judge him for his politics, if you must judge at all, but don’t make it personal. That makes a person seem little and petty. As if any of us are perfect. That’s my rant over with!

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