Which Side Are You On?


When we choose our actions and words in response to spite, anger or anything else that is a negative place, we all lose. Life is not a competition. In the end, we die. Each and everyone of us. Why is it so difficult to think and act from a place of love? Why are we compelled to argue and fight when we were intended to love. When all your energy goes into everything but loving one another, what happens to the love? If we look around and answer honestly, there is evidence all around us that anger and discord have replaced unity and love. Our desire to be right far outweighs our desire for peace. It’s hard to sit back helplessly and watch it happen. Wherever energy is directed, that is what we get more of. We think we have the right to pick and choose who deserves our love and respect and yes we do have that choice. But when it comes down to it, you either love or you don’t. I hope I can do my own part to bring peace and kindness into the world around me. My world may be small and my influence small, but I hope I can send a ripple that reaches further than I could ever imagine. Judging others and trying to control others actions does not come from a place of love. Control causes conflict especially when someone thinks they have the right to choose how everyone else should live. If you don’t do anything else today, ask yourself these question. Are my thoughts coming from a place of love? Are my words loving, judging or hateful? At least be aware of where you really are today. Be mindful of WHO you are and what energy you are putting out and attracting back. We can change the world for the worst or make it better. Which side are you really on?

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