Do You Lead or Follow?


Do you lead or follow? I can’t help but notice that many of our current leaders and so called stars are mere followers. I don’t think being a follower is necessarily a bad thing but when people who are supposed to lead act like followers I do get a bit nervous. It may even be beneficial to find a balance and know when it is time to lead and when it is in your best interest to follow. It’s great to go with the flow and unify with a particular group of people but I also think it is both honest and necessary to stay true to who you are. We are not meant to act like robots. We are not programmed and have been given every opportunity to think for ourselves. It is our uniqueness that makes us special and significant so why would anyone trade that in to act like a clone? We don’t have strings because we are not created to be puppets.

Be who you are without apology. You don’t need someone’s permission or acceptance to be you. Teach people to respect you exactly the way you are. Don’t ever think you have to conform. There is always a choice. Stand up for you. Someone has to.


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