How Corruption Destroys Us All


The horrible memories of a distant school experience remain buried someplace in my mind. The thing that is irrefutable is that when anyone believes they are above the rules or law, when they are allowed to escape consequences for their improper actions, they remain in a position to repeat the offense. These people are unafraid and will stop at nothing because really, who is going to stop them? The very people who should punish their behavior protect and defend the people who do not belong in the position they are in because their misuse of power hurts people they are meant to serve and protect. We know people like this in every organization. Look at these poor gymnasts and this terrible doctor. We have to stop protecting them and it is long overdue that justice should be served. I’ve been forced to move on and let this all go because I was powerless to stop it. I fought hard but there were many more who chose to cover it up and look away than there were those who wanted to do the right thing. For all the families who will come after me and experience what my family has had to endure, I am sorry. I couldn’t fight a crooked system. When there is no justice system, there can be no justice.

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