Create Your Place of Calm


I remember as a young girl how my mother would react to seeing an ambulance. Her whole body would start to shake and she would worry herself sick until she could verify that all four of us kids, her parents and my father were okay. With a constant flow of breaking news, I see many people in a continuous state of reactive panic. One thing that has taken me years to get a handle on is not getting myself crazy over a new grade posted on parent portal or the latest memo being released by our panic causing political parties. So how do we stop reacting and start responding? One way is to just breathe and remind yourself that everything changes from one moment to the next. What seems like devastating news one minute doesn’t seem so bad the next. My advice is to stay calm and put things in perspective. How will this news affect me a year from now? A lifetime from now? We have to stay centered and carry an internal calm that will see us through the intentional chaos being thrown at us from every direction. Rise above it. You are stronger than you think and more in control than you let yourself believe. Shut it all out and move inward. Focus on your breathe and create your place of calm.


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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