What Are You Bringing Into Your Life?




These are a few repetitive words that I am seeing and hearing this past year. I have always believed that everything we think and feel is energy. We send this messages out into the Universe and it creates the world we live in. What we forget is those same intentions come back and affect us directly as well. What is it you are trying to create more of? Do your thoughts and feelings align with what you want or what you do not want? Remember, you get more of what you focus on.

There are two different sides to my town. We purposely moved to the east side. I grew up a country girl and this side made me feel right at home. They are looking to put a new neighborhood in and several of my neighbors are signing a petition to stop it. I just don’t get it. There is so much space here and there isn’t a single part of me that feels I need to hoard it. Is one neighborhood going to make that much of a difference? I see it differently, sure there will be a bit more traffic but I love it over here and feel excited to share this space with a new group of people. I think we forget that land really isn’t ours to claim. We just have this intense need to control everyone and everything around us.

I have really dedicated my time to enhancing the positive. Once I changed my thoughts, I really did change my life. I am happy now and I don’t have to search for a place of peace. It is my inner calm, my new norm and instead of feeling angry, I feel excited and hopeful for what the future will bring. I have intentionally started to use words with a more positive message and I have watched how that has affected the way I think and feel. There are some things we can control and maybe we need to focus more on our own lives and spend less time meddling in others. Just a few of my thoughts this Saturday morning. Ask yourself one simple question…you only have so much time, is this really what you want to use it on?


3 thoughts on “What Are You Bringing Into Your Life?

  1. Another conundrum. While I may want more of what makes me happy, it seems outside forces get in the way and/or threaten me and my sanctuary. Thus, I cannot focus as much as I’d like on what I want. Yet, if I am to think I have influence over those same outside forces, if they are, in part, my own creation from the energy I emit…can I not be creating my own obstacles? Yet, why would anyone do that? Why make being happy harder for myself? How much do I take responsibility for creating, and how much is coming from someone/somewhere else?

    Your view on the new neighbors is one of compliance and naivete. You see the new neighborhood as an innocent thing, some new prospects for friends, like a new kid in school who looks forward to meeting his classmates and learning. Not everyone looks at school that way. Those opposed to the idea see into the future. They know one neighborhood will bring others until the ants have taken over, and all that “country” is cramped like a big city where hotel beds are like coffins instead of pieces of furniture in a furnished room.

    However, all that aside, as for the personal mantras and such, you are onto something. We may not achieve everything we think/desire with that thinking. But, we could achieve and maintain better balance with ourselves and our spirits if we paid close attention to what words we use and how we use our energies. Though, part of me thinks it might just be more self-conscious thinking and less acting/decision-making.

    I’d like to think I give a good amount of energy to making others’ lives better, hoping, in turn, that will make me feel better. But, that’s not always the result; and some days get away from me, leaving me feel like I failed somewhere.

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