Be The Love


Wishing everyone a very happy Valentines Day. What a relief to have a day just focused on love. Sometimes we forget to love and some of us have become so closed off we forget how to love. But today, remember we all need to be loved and each and everyone of us is worthy of love. Share it, spread it. Be the love.

4 thoughts on “Be The Love

  1. Love is a confused and confusing term. I cannot put complete faith in any particular love. But, if I remain loving in terms of kindness to others, upholding the Golden Rule as best I can, that is better than nothing. As you already know, I carry a little torch of hope for someday finding the love that will satisfy all of my desires. But, I cannot see much use in giving that torch more energy at this time. It just feels like wishful thinking and shooting in the dark.

    And, don’t think this is the ONLY day for (focus on) love. After learning about another cultural variation like Dragobete, I have been devising other days/ways to celebrate/love someone, including myself. See my thoughts/posts on UNTIED DAY (though they do not apply to married/family folks).

    I typically feel a compulsion to play some sort of cupid or good-will ambassador on days like this. I like putting together treats and cards for people. But, this year, that isn’t very sensible. I am not feeling so generous with my resources other than general kindness and whatever sympathy/assistance I can muster. But, when I feel better about life, I am sure to take up dispatching treats and surprises like Kris Kringle, again.

    This year us Catholics have another conundrum, incorporating Ash Wednesday. I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen the two holidays overlap. I do not have any particular concern nor do I feel a need to do anything special. I acknowledge the symbolism but opt not to participate other than avoiding meat today (and the next few Fridays). As far as going without something goes, there isn’t much I can see cutting out of my life. I’m feeling starved and withdrawn as it is. If anything, I’d have to cut out being nervous or hesitant…and that sounds a bit silly if not impossible, unless I play Jim Carrey in Yes Man and take big risks the next 40 days. The rest of the family has been joking about certain members giving up whining or talking too much. Ah, tough love.

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    • I’m giving up stressing over things I cannot control and guilt for not being my idea of perfection. In fact I’m really trying to give up my opinions of who I think people should be and just let them be who they are. And yes today is not the most convenient Ash Wednesday paired with Valentine’s Day as I too am catholic and would love. Chocolate covered strawberry. That will have to wait for another day!


      • Good luck with giving that stuff up.

        You should still be able to enjoy your strawberries. Don’t let Catholicism stand in the way of romantic pleasures…unless you are committed to giving up chocolate or strawberries…or romance/self-love.

        If I get a chance, I’m gonna eat a full-size Curly Wurly before the night is over. It’s from 2012, but I saved it for such a special day (along with its sisters which have been eaten once a year). 😛

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