Will The Real Problem Please Stand Up


I have fallen victim to some of the negativity around me. Sometimes I think people are full of hot air and endless complaints and when I start to pay attention, I too join their angry march of negativity. Starting this minute, I am going to try my best to keep my negative comments and thoughts to myself. There is so much beauty and good out there and I vow to see more of it. I do not want more of that kind of energy and the best way to stop it is to end my part in it. Imagine if we shared more positivity and instead of finding fault with everyone, we shared more praise and support for them. Isn’t there one good thing we can see in someone? If your answer is no then maybe, just maybe the problem is you and not everyone else. Something to think about.

6 thoughts on “Will The Real Problem Please Stand Up

  1. I get the feeling you are a steam engine that does plenty of puffing but doesn’t get as far as she’d like. ๐Ÿ™‚ Not much different from myself.

    I almost laugh hearing you say something like, “Starting nnnnow!… Starting now! Okay, starting tomorrow!” It’s like a kid threatening his parents by holding his breath or saying he won’t do something anymore when the next instance is right around the corner.

    There is a slight itch to quote Yoda with the whole “There is no try” speech. “Do or do not.”

    But, I feel your nagging aches and frustration with the negative energy and hear your cries to stay out of it. Yet, it’s like being thrust into a polluted ocean. Can we really avoid the muck in there? Or, do we just have to filter and hold our breaths as long as we can til we reach cleaner water?

    I’d also agree that IF we all could curb our negative/detrimental impulses and strive to be more compassionate and helpful, there would be great growth versus lingering hardship and division. Perhaps it is one of if not the ultimate test of humanity.

    And, all that talk about surrounding yourself with the right people….

    How does one do that when you are grabbing at straws just to contact/reach people? I cannot be selective with who I know and say, “Oh, you are too negative; so you go outside the circle. But, you, over there; you are always nice to me. Stick close to me for a while and keep that other guy away.” And, if the negative person(s) are family?…do I really want to risk them not speaking to me if I demand only the support that pleases me? My family has had some long “feuds” which resulted in years of not speaking to certain branches.

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    • First of all, my starting now comment is more of an indication that I have suddenly become more aware. Sometimes we walk around like zombies oblivious to our surroundings. I guess when I say I am going to surround myself with the right people, it usually means I will be heading back to yoga, not reading the posts of highly critical people and avoiding the news lol.


      • You’ve BEEN aware, missy. This isn’t your first trip down “I need to filter out negativity” road. Each time you get a lil stink on you, you vent. I pretty much do the same but have lost the steam to do it as much as I once did.

        If I am oblivious to my surroundings, then I’m not exactly suffering from the negativity, am I? Or not bothered by it yet possibly going with the flow…which could be problematic.

        Heh. I could have prescribed all that to you, myself. If you are drawn to highly critical people, maybe that’s an addiction like alcohol or salty foods for someone who has to watch their BP.


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