How Do You Make Sense of Something Senseless?


I sat outside the school yesterday while I was waiting to pick up my son. My heart was so heavy, broken, as I thought of all those people affected by the Florida tragedy Sometimes I get on my son about missing work or a test grade that could’ve been better but today I am just eager to see his face as he walks out of the school door. Who could ever imagine when we send a child to school that he will never be coming home again?

I have said this before and it kills me to admit it even now. We are surrounded by hostility. We attack with our tongues, our tweets and our posts. Just turn on the news. We brutally attack one another over political differences, opinions, religion, you name it. We talk over one another because by golly it is our right to have a say but we can’t listen when we never run out of our own say. There’s not much we meet in the middle to agree on anymore. We have created an environment that we contaminated with our arrogance, disrespect, anger, hatred and desire to be right. We have created such discord. We have become it and then we act surprised when someone’s actions reflect the destruction we bring to the world on a daily basis. We have got to be more accountable for the energy we create. The problem is each one of us. We are out of control and proud of it. Who’s gonna stop? We resist. We persist. Fighting words. This is the world we have created. Own it. Don’t look away or point fingers where they don’t belong. We have started this war among ourselves and it will eventually kill us all. It’s killing our hope, our spirit, our relationships and sadly our people. Do your part to bring reconciliation, compassion, cooperation, peace. Anger breeds anger. Hostility breeds hostility. Disrespect breeds disrespect. Maybe our new motto should be DO NO HARM. Not in words with our tongues , not in our thoughts or certainly not in our actions. Imagine putting the well being of us as a whole above oneself. Will you do it? Something has to change and the only thing we are capable of changing is ourselves. In the end we die. I will never believe our purpose, our journey is to fight. I believe it is to get along, to love, respect and appreciate our own life and the lives of the people around us. What a gift to be given this trip around the sun. Bring light. Be love. Get along. Support. Practice respect and remember that tomorrow is never promised. If you knew this was your last day, how would you live it? Something to think about


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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