Can We Talk About This For Another 6 Hours?


Rehashing and over talking things does not often lead to resolution. Often, it keeps a problem the focus and heightens emotions to where you can feel stuck in a very negative place. There are times there will not be a consensus on a solution for a particular problem. Sometimes it’s best to agree to disagree and just move on. How do we do that though when we are so impassioned about something? You must commit to the discipline and intention to not get caught up in a moment you have no control to change. You only remain stuck if you choose not to move your feet or your thoughts in a different direction. You do not have to participate to every debate you are invited to. You always have the choice to walk away and place your attention on something that will raise your own vibration. Be selective. Do something good for your soul today. Don’t participate in something that will bring you down. You are meant to enjoy your life. Do it now. Time is running out.


10 thoughts on “Can We Talk About This For Another 6 Hours?

  1. There are these times when I visit your page and read and I don’t comment. I hope you know I am still present. Then there are times when I read and you shoot an arrow through my stubbornness. lol One reason I quit FB (until recently) is that I do allow myself to get pulled into every single argument and some I start myself. It isn’t a wise use of my energy. This is why today I decided to eliminate Facebook from my life, once again. It is something that is good for my soul. 🙂

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    • Oh Danny. I totally get it. I get sucked in as well and then I get mad at myself because I always have a choice to move on and not engage. Before I know it, I’ve wasted hours on everything except what feels good for my soul. I too could use some time away. My main use of Facebook is to stay in touch with family. Some say you can send pictures back and forth with the cell phone. Why use Facebook? The truth is I have family members with dinosaur phones that don’t allow for that. However, they do have iPads so that is our source of staying more connected. I have something cheesy waiting for me on messenger every morning from my mom. She messages me constantly and FB is also how she is able to read my blog. I struggle all the time with stepping away but there are too many reasons for me to stay. I just have to scroll past the parts that aren’t healthy for me. Thanks for the comment and I guess I will have to keep in touch better through our blogs.

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