What If We Knew?


Sometimes I wish I knew. As scary as it is to imagine my last breath, I wonder how different I would live if I knew. Imagine having a jar filled with grains of rice that equated to the number of days in your life. I would have 4 jars on my counter and each day, each one of us would remove another grain until finally there were no more left. That would be the end. Can you imagine the perspective that alarming bit of knowledge would bring? If my husband had 10 days would I spend them resenting something he said out of a moment of frustration? If one of my children had a few breaths left, would I nag them for a grade or an unmade bed? What if I was down to two or three? Would I march in support of the latest cause or call people names on Facebook that I’ve never even met? Would I spend a single moment hating a President, a neighbor, a family member, myself?

Maybe we should all take a moment at the beginning of our day to visualize our jar. We may never really know the amount of time we have left but we are guaranteed with each rise of the sun to have one less.

Live better. Enjoy your life. Look into the eyes of the people around you. Study their faces. Be grateful for each wrinkle, each meal, every act of kindness and every moment you are given to live in a way that truly matters.

What if we knew? What if you knew? Would you live differently?

Throw Yourself


The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way that we can become exposed is if we throw ourselves out into the open. Do it. Throw yourself

C. JoyBell C.

How Do You Make Sense of Something Senseless?


I sat outside the school yesterday while I was waiting to pick up my son. My heart was so heavy, broken, as I thought of all those people affected by the Florida tragedy Sometimes I get on my son about missing work or a test grade that could’ve been better but today I am just eager to see his face as he walks out of the school door. Who could ever imagine when we send a child to school that he will never be coming home again?

I have said this before and it kills me to admit it even now. We are surrounded by hostility. We attack with our tongues, our tweets and our posts. Just turn on the news. We brutally attack one another over political differences, opinions, religion, you name it. We talk over one another because by golly it is our right to have a say but we can’t listen when we never run out of our own say. There’s not much we meet in the middle to agree on anymore. We have created an environment that we contaminated with our arrogance, disrespect, anger, hatred and desire to be right. We have created such discord. We have become it and then we act surprised when someone’s actions reflect the destruction we bring to the world on a daily basis. We have got to be more accountable for the energy we create. The problem is each one of us. We are out of control and proud of it. Who’s gonna stop? We resist. We persist. Fighting words. This is the world we have created. Own it. Don’t look away or point fingers where they don’t belong. We have started this war among ourselves and it will eventually kill us all. It’s killing our hope, our spirit, our relationships and sadly our people. Do your part to bring reconciliation, compassion, cooperation, peace. Anger breeds anger. Hostility breeds hostility. Disrespect breeds disrespect. Maybe our new motto should be DO NO HARM. Not in words with our tongues , not in our thoughts or certainly not in our actions. Imagine putting the well being of us as a whole above oneself. Will you do it? Something has to change and the only thing we are capable of changing is ourselves. In the end we die. I will never believe our purpose, our journey is to fight. I believe it is to get along, to love, respect and appreciate our own life and the lives of the people around us. What a gift to be given this trip around the sun. Bring light. Be love. Get along. Support. Practice respect and remember that tomorrow is never promised. If you knew this was your last day, how would you live it? Something to think about

Be The Love


Wishing everyone a very happy Valentines Day. What a relief to have a day just focused on love. Sometimes we forget to love and some of us have become so closed off we forget how to love. But today, remember we all need to be loved and each and everyone of us is worthy of love. Share it, spread it. Be the love.

Will The Real Problem Please Stand Up


I have fallen victim to some of the negativity around me. Sometimes I think people are full of hot air and endless complaints and when I start to pay attention, I too join their angry march of negativity. Starting this minute, I am going to try my best to keep my negative comments and thoughts to myself. There is so much beauty and good out there and I vow to see more of it. I do not want more of that kind of energy and the best way to stop it is to end my part in it. Imagine if we shared more positivity and instead of finding fault with everyone, we shared more praise and support for them. Isn’t there one good thing we can see in someone? If your answer is no then maybe, just maybe the problem is you and not everyone else. Something to think about.

Misplaced Aggression


I started the day a witness to misplaced aggression. When you don’t keep yourself in a place of balance, whatever you have an excess of tends to spill over onto somebody else. Often times our frustration with another human being is a result of them not meeting our expectations. One of the hardest lessons I have ever had to learn is that people are not always on my timeframe and their way of doing something can look very different from my way of doing something. We can resist who someone is all we want but until we surrender to who someone really is and allow them to be themselves completely, we will always invite conflict to a table that was meant to bring peace. We are all so very different and until we learn to embrace our differences rather than have contempt for one another because of them, aggravation and aggression will replace acceptance and love.

My Peace is Not Conditional


There was a time not long ago when the sense of peace I felt was directly determined by the people and circumstances surrounding me. I felt like this tiny, little, insignificant creature being squeezed to death until I could barely breathe. I allowed myself to be played every single time. I felt powerless to fight or control anything which threatened my well being and eventually I succumbed to the chaos until I became the crazy around me. It’s taken a long time to claim my calm. It’s not situational or conditional. I make the decision of how I will react and more times than not I choose not to react at all. I can decide to not fall victim to anyone or anything outside of myself. I simply disengage and I have to admit it feels pretty darn good. Today, remember you have more control than you think. You simply allow something to affect you or you visualize pushing that button with the giant D and simply disengage. Remember one thing, if you want peace, choose peace, offer peace, be peace. It’s that simple.

What Are You Bringing Into Your Life?




These are a few repetitive words that I am seeing and hearing this past year. I have always believed that everything we think and feel is energy. We send this messages out into the Universe and it creates the world we live in. What we forget is those same intentions come back and affect us directly as well. What is it you are trying to create more of? Do your thoughts and feelings align with what you want or what you do not want? Remember, you get more of what you focus on.

There are two different sides to my town. We purposely moved to the east side. I grew up a country girl and this side made me feel right at home. They are looking to put a new neighborhood in and several of my neighbors are signing a petition to stop it. I just don’t get it. There is so much space here and there isn’t a single part of me that feels I need to hoard it. Is one neighborhood going to make that much of a difference? I see it differently, sure there will be a bit more traffic but I love it over here and feel excited to share this space with a new group of people. I think we forget that land really isn’t ours to claim. We just have this intense need to control everyone and everything around us.

I have really dedicated my time to enhancing the positive. Once I changed my thoughts, I really did change my life. I am happy now and I don’t have to search for a place of peace. It is my inner calm, my new norm and instead of feeling angry, I feel excited and hopeful for what the future will bring. I have intentionally started to use words with a more positive message and I have watched how that has affected the way I think and feel. There are some things we can control and maybe we need to focus more on our own lives and spend less time meddling in others. Just a few of my thoughts this Saturday morning. Ask yourself one simple question…you only have so much time, is this really what you want to use it on?

Just Be Real


I am amazed how easily lying comes to some people these days. How can someone publicly demean someone for something they too are participating in secretly? Do people have no moral conscience today? Do they not realize their hypocrisy and dishonesty will affect how other people see them or do they just not care? Is character becoming a thing of the past and presenting yourself as someone you’re not becoming the norm? I have a tremendous amount of respect for the people I know who are honest about who they are. I admire someone who stays true to his word and tells the truth even if it incriminates himself. Finding someone who is genuine is a rare blessing these days and should be considered a true role model. Having the facade of being a stellar human being does not actually make you a stellar human being. Being consistent with who you are in front of and hidden from the camera is a good start.

What Difference Does This Make?


We have become a society that can make a big deal over anything and at the same time pay little attention to the things that really matter.

I have learned to ask myself a few important questions before I engage in becoming part of the craziness.

1) Do I really care about this?

2) Is this really a big deal?

3) How will this affect my life a week, a year, 10 years from now?

4) Is this even worth giving any thought?

Don’t get caught up in other people’s need to debate every single thing. People disagree because they can and they throw around opinions as if they even matter. I often remind myself, my opinion is just one of many and at the end of the day it doesn’t mean a thing.