We Cannot Expect Kids to Save Our World


Recently I have chuckled to myself as I watch many of my intelligent friends make the silliest Facebook posts about how responsible and intelligent kids are these days. They really do believe that these kids are changing the world. As a parent of a 15 and 19 year old, it is apparently clear to me that kids aren’t meant to take on the serious responsibilities of the world. This is a time when they are struggling to find their own way and no matter how gifted we think a child may be, at the end of the day kids are really just kids.

I was reminded of this when I dropped my 15 year old off at school today…the second time! The first time I pulled up to the school, we discovered that he unknowingly left the house without his shoes. I am happy to announce that after an hour an a half of driving back and forth to school twice, he made it successfully through the door. And to think, I’m a few short days he will get his license. Am I mad? Yeah a little but kids are expected to make mistakes now while they are still kids. It’s all part of growing up. As for me, I will continue to repeat the words, “when you do less, someone else has to do more.” Someday I know he will understand.


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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