Don’t We All Need More of That?


It wasn’t so long ago that I had a real blow out pity party for myself. I was feeling isolated and alone and resented the fact that I lived so far away from the precious family who raised me and who I missed dearly. For years, I felt like the outsider looking in at all the moments I continued to miss. I had to challenge myself to find a healthier perspective than the one that was weighing me down to the depths of despair. I looked at the family I was raising and realized how much precious time I had wasted allowing myself to get caught up in nonsense. I tried so hard to change my way of thinking. Will this really matter a year from now after I let chunks of time slip away because I was engulfed in senseless drama? The change came slowly and I welcomed it excitedly. Slowly but surely I got my priorities straight.

My mom leaves tomorrow after visiting for almost 4 weeks. I see things so different now than a few years ago. Time is only what we make it. It can be quality or it can be quantity and slowly but surely I am learning to give my relationships purpose and focus. We must embrace the time we are given to spend with the people we love. Each turn of the hand of the clock is a blessing and we must find a way to put substance into every opportunity to connect. We waste so much precious time marching for the latest cause, but how much time and energy do we put into the people who are there beside us? Maybe loving them, enjoying them, listening, appreciating them is our real purpose and we are missing the mark trying to save a world when it is the people around us who need to be saved. They they need us to slow down and pause long enough to really see them, to connect on that level that is so difficult to find in these changing times. We create moments and we make memories when we focus on doing just that. Maybe that is where real change comes from. Pay attention to the people around you. Make time for them and find a way to make them feel special. Don’t we all need so much more of that?

2 thoughts on “Don’t We All Need More of That?

  1. I hear you. When we moved away in 2007, I missed my Mum terribly. But later she came up for holidays and I relished those months she spent with us. The past few years have been hard, and we lost Mum in January. It hurts, but I wrote every week, and we visited when we could. I spoke to her a couple of days before she died. It was a good day, she knew who I was and I told her I loved her, as I did in every letter and every phone call. She told me she loved me too. Time passes so quickly, we have to make the most of it, especially as we get older. It’s almost 22 years since we lost Dad, but together he and Mum will always be with me, and our hugs will be virtual. So very precious. ❤

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