We All Deserve That Kind of Love


Imagine how beautiful our relationships could be if we stopped believing we knew best how people should be. What if we stopped judging others and stopped forcing our expectations of who we think they should be? What is we looked at others with total acceptance while truly believing they are enough just as they are. Maybe people would want to be around more if they felt loved and respected and didn’t have to feel like someone was always trying to analyze or size them up. Maybe it’s just innocent and we don’t realize how we push people away. When we make someone feel good about who they are they will want to be around and that is the one thing that truly matters. Don’t we want others to look at us like we are enough, treat us like we are enough and love us because whoever we are, we will always be enough because someone loves us that much? There is no greater love than that and we all deserve that kind of love. Be that love. Give that love.


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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