When Did Bullying Become a Movement?


Bullying can be summed up as using superior strength or influence to intimidate someone usually to force someone to do what he or she wants.

I see it everywhere. It frightens me that this is the go to method to get things done these days. Just turn on the tv.

I am so confused today. Are we supposed to stand up to bullying or give into it? Does it depend on who is doing the bullying and if we support their cause? When did bullying become acceptable depending on who’s the victim and who’s the perpetrator. My God what is happening before our eyes and why have so many people become blind to it? There cannot be special rules for special people. Behavior is either acceptable or it is not period. We cannot allow it to be conditional. There are ways that work better than this. We have to be bigger, more disciplined and more willing to work together with other individuals in a way that is amicable and healthy. Screaming demands and threatening cannot be the path we take. We cannot support it or celebrate it. This is the force behind the crumbling that will lead to total destruction of order and civil communication. I will not support it under any circumstance and regardless of whether I support the cause of the group doing it. We have to make a stand in values like we do for tomorrow’s latest cause. Everyone wants to jump on the bus but who the hell is driving? And we wonder why kids are so confused and eating tide pods and snorting condoms these days? All they see are exceptions to what we teach them and mixed messages at an alarming rate. Being a parent and navigating my kids through all this nonsense is the hardest and most important job I will ever have. Double standards cannot exist ever. Not in my house.


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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