Is Your Mind Really Open?


Minds are like parachutes – they only function when open~Thomas Dewar

I saw this quote today on a friends Facebook page. My first reaction was how to interpret these words. Many people claim they are open minded. I’ve taken that to mean they are accepting of things that not everyone else is. If I am being honest though I am almost certain that people are open to what they are willing to be open to. I wonder though if the real challenge is accomplished when we learn to be open to what we are resistant to. I watch so many people rally support around half truths. Today we manipulate just the right words and portions of the truth to convince ourselves we are fully functioning because we are on the right side of history and we believe our minds are completely open. I think it’s time to stop fooling ourselves and get real about what we are allowing in our own lives. We are better than the half truths and the bs stories we tell ourselves. We have to start using more honesty and common sense and less passion and emotion when we decide what we are actually open to. So I ask you this as I ask myself, how much is your mind really functioning and just how open is it really? It’s certainly something to think about as I sit here on this blustery Saturday morning.

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