Fairytales Are A Silly Myth


I didn’t fully grasp that life was unfair until I became an adult. I grew up dreaming of being a princess. It didn’t take me long to discover that fairytales were only in books. The boy didn’t always get the girl, things didn’t always always work out the way we wanted in the end and we rarely get the things we tell ourselves we deserve. Sometimes we have to settle. We have to find a way to be happy and grateful even when Gods plan turns out different than our own. We need to stop fighting what is and challenge ourselves to find gratitude in the times we feel our greatest struggle. We need to accept that perfect just doesn’t exist in an imperfect world. We have to stop believing we are entitled to everything we want especially when we are still unsatisfied after all we get. We think it’s all about me, me, me but the world is so much bigger than the small space in which we live. How do we start to flow in the direction that life is taking us? How do we trust that we will be okay in the end that is so different from the one we planned? Maybe that is part of our purpose, to stop fighting and start flowing. It’s exhausting living a life where we are constantly going against the current. Life isn’t meant to hard. Sometimes we make it that way. We were born to lean in, extend a hand and make the best of what we are blessed enough to have. The question is, how many of us are living that way?

4 thoughts on “Fairytales Are A Silly Myth

  1. I believe more of us could live this way if we truthfully asked ourselves some pointed questions. Like… What would we do with “more” if we had it? How are we purposefully using what we have now? Do we have “space” in our lives for anything else? Are we caring for what we have now?

    I believe if we don’t have what we want in life…there’s a reason.

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