A Return to Fear


Sometimes the old memories find a way back in. I try my best to keep a distance but the fear creeps in sometime during the middle of the night. As I wake up from the nightmare, I remind myself it was just a dream. That was then and this is now and the past has no control over me anymore. Let it go I whisper as I remind myself to breathe. This too shall pass like a flash of lightening on a dark night. This chapter is over. Put it on the shelf and leave it there. This is behind you now so get back to living in this moment. Remember you can’t be in two places at one time so choose the one that feels good to your soul. That’s always the right choice.


What Is Your Advice?


A big challenge I face is tuning out negativity. Some people wear it on their face, speak it in their words and fling it everyplace they go. It hits me hard. Sometimes I swear it even makes my insides shake. Today I ask myself, if I cannot silence the poison that comes out of other people, how can I at least protect myself from it? What can I do to stop allowing it to penetrate my boundaries and chip away at a core I have worked hard for years to keep me balanced and focused? Why is the voice I need to hear the least always the loudest and how can I tune it out? Have you noticed it’s so much easier for negativity to spread than it is to start a wave of joy and positivity? We cannot remove ourselves from every negative force so how do we at least quiet it down?

Morning Motivation


Use your voice to talk about what is right with the world. What is perfect, amazing, awesome, heartwarming? Dwell on that. Obsess about it, rave about it, over think it and repeat again. Share it everywhere until it becomes second nature. Be a well of positivity and never allow yourself to be a drain. You have so many reasons to celebrate, so many blessings to feel grateful for and so many opportunities to be a force of love, appreciation and light. Get out there and shine your warmth on everyone. Be a voice and not an echo and be accountable for your own vibe. Make it a good one!