A Return to Fear


Sometimes the old memories find a way back in. I try my best to keep a distance but the fear creeps in sometime during the middle of the night. As I wake up from the nightmare, I remind myself it was just a dream. That was then and this is now and the past has no control over me anymore. Let it go I whisper as I remind myself to breathe. This too shall pass like a flash of lightening on a dark night. This chapter is over. Put it on the shelf and leave it there. This is behind you now so get back to living in this moment. Remember you can’t be in two places at one time so choose the one that feels good to your soul. That’s always the right choice.

5 thoughts on “A Return to Fear

  1. Sometimes the old memories filter through in my dreams. I wake up angry that such thoughts are intruding again in my life, and I write it out in poetry. It helps get things back into perspective. It’s thirty years ago and a closed chapter in my life, if not a totally different book.


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