Find Good or Find Fault


Moments ago I saw a meme on Facebook. I don’t remember the exact words but it said something like, “I’d rather live next to someone who crossed the desert to become an American than an American who wouldn’t cross the street to help a foreigner.” My response was, I’d prefer to live next to a neighbor who wasn’t looking to judge me. I am a person who keeps to myself. I mind my own business and I don’t concern myself with the unfortunate nonsense that goes on in a neighborhood. I know people who judge others by the height of their grass and the color of their fence. I am grateful that my time is far too valuable to reduce myself to sizing up other human beings. When will we stop looking at people as their actions and beliefs and just start seeing them as fellow human beings? I don’t know a single human who has perfect thoughts, beliefs and behaviors but the good thing is I am also not looking to judge. Give people a break. We think differently. We act differently but none of us were born with a golden crown. We were all born naked and needy and perfectly unique. Look for the good in others. Maybe if you can’t find any, the problem isn’t with them but is actually inside of you. Something to think about. Find good twice as much as you find fault. I bet your life would change forever.

Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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