Answer Honestly


A few years ago, most people were the in between crowd. Today though, there are two popular schools of thought. Everything is awesome vs. everything is awful. Which group do you identify with? Which crowd do you seek out? Which one do you avoid at all costs? Be honest. How do you think people who know you would answer this question about you? Are you brave enough to ask?

4 thoughts on “Answer Honestly

  1. Dave in AZ

    I believe that all people posess both traits. I doubt that anyone posess only one. Having just found your blog, i can say unquestionably that I will revisit it.


  2. I was in a different group, I think: the “life is a struggle” group which isn’t quite the same as the “everything is awful” group. It’s more that I felt that I had gotten more than my fair share of hardship in my early years. It took me a very long times, decades actually, to very slowly unlearn that it was life’s fault. I’m not starting to get friendly with the “life can be a miracle” group. It’s a long journey.


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