We Only Get One Life


When your happiness is conditional, the way you feel will constantly be manipulated by the latest tweet or a breaking newsfeed. People are like puppets who willingly allow everyone and everything to pull at their strings. Peace, faith, hope, love and even happiness come from within. Until you make it a practice to keep these things constant inside of yourself in spite of what goes on outside, you will always be reaching for something that will remain out of your reach. If you feel anxious and uncertain, try counting your blessings instead of your troubles. Use your words to talk about what is right instead of complaining about what is wrong. What you focus on you get more of. Ask yourself, what is it you are bringing to your life? Be less concerned with the things you cannot change and keep working on the ones you can. You were not born to change the world, you were born to love and appreciate it. Stop allowing conditions to control your emotions. If you love, love without conditions. You can’t pick and choose and separate people into groups without consequence. What you give out comes back. You create your own reality. My advice is write a better story. We only get one life, enjoy it.

3 thoughts on “We Only Get One Life

  1. I really like this line “You were not born to change the world, you were born to love and appreciate it”. Very often the star-centered media makes us feel like we are born to be great or not matter at all. I think this line is a way better alternative. It offers a road to success that every one of us can achieve and that might be way more meaningful than the first.


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