Are You Obsessed?


It seems like people are obsessed with the wrong things. Imagine if we could flip our obsession with doom and gloom into an obsession with being happy, positivity, counting blessings, finding reasons to celebrate. Can you imagine how much a single life could change with the practice of focused and selective thinking? What if the media reported mostly positive news and put an upbeat spin on every story? I have never witnessed so many people who choose to be somber and unhappy. It really is a shame. I will never apologize for the good things in my life. Every single day I appreciate my life a little bit more. I don’t feel guilty for feeling happy. I feel grateful. We all have a cross to carry but like it or not no one can carry it for us. Life may never be perfect but there is always something to feel grateful for. In a world where people are dragging others down, be that constant voice who lifts others up.


2 thoughts on “Are You Obsessed?

  1. I confess to being materialistic thirty to forty years ago, not to the point of obsession, but I did like to have ‘things’. That all changed when I met Hubby and we were both able to ‘start again’ with the important things, not physical objects. Three years of living on a boat enhanced our way of living, and we discovered just how little we needed to be happy and content.


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