Be Unapologetically You


I didn’t realize how insecure people were until recently. I’ve had some really tough conversations with people lately that have left me feeling sad and discouraged. There is always at least one person who we will never be good enough for. No matter what we do or how we look or what we accomplish, somehow all they ever find is fault. It took me years to distance myself from people like that. Although they are still in my life, I’ve become comfortable enough with who I am to not take their criticism seriously anymore. My message is simple. Whoever you are, however you look…you are absolutely perfect the way you are. Stop allowing people to determine your level of self esteem. Don’t second guess yourself and never, ever apologize for who you are. The problem is most likely not you at all and has everything to do with the person making you feel so horrible about yourself. Now more than ever, we really need to lift others up. There is so much anger and cruelty and we all just need a pat on the back and an endless amount of love, support and acceptance. Don’t listen to others negativity. Find the people who build you up and spend more time with people who respect and like you just the way you are. There is only one person in the world like you and that makes you special in itself. Hold your head up and find the confidence and the courage to be unapologetically you.

One thought on “Be Unapologetically You

  1. Both Hubby and I got fed up of living our lives for other people, being at their beck and call, and if something went wrong, it was always our fault. In our own ways, we were obviously lacking in something or other to certain members of family, so we distanced ourselves and took the obvious falllout accusations of desertion, selfishness, and inconsideration.
    Life is not perfect, and circumstances still continued to stack against us, but we always did the best we could with the cards we’d been dealt.
    If people like us, that’s great. If they like us for what we can do for them, relationships don’t last long. If they don’t like us, that’s equally fine. We don’t have to associate with them either.


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