Embracing Time


Time is one thing we have no control over. Sometimes, when life feels uncomfortable, we hope to speed it up. There have been times I have watched my kids grow way too fast and I long to rewind and just go back. For the last few months, I have done my best to just push pause.Everything changes and we are caught there in our sacred space just trying to understand the enormity of what is going on around us. One thing change has taught me is to embrace each moment as it comes. If I mourn for yesterday or worry about tomorrow, I will miss the beautiful moments going on right in front of me.In 2 days, I drop my daughter off a few hundred miles away for her second year of college. My son will be starting his junior year of high school so the last few months of summer I have learned to slow down and capture the moments as they come. My need to hurry has subsided and I am content to be all in right here and now. Embrace time. Love it, hug it for a while and let it go. Sure it changes but there is hope and beauty in every secomd. Feel each moment knowing the next will be much different. Find peace there. Live there and let that place fill you up.

3 thoughts on “Embracing Time

  1. I love this sentence: “My need to hurry has subsided…”. It’s a beautiful way to put into words what I’ve been feeling recently, too. Though I’m still struggling with the second part, the being “content to be all in right here and now”. I hope this will come to me, too.

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