Buckle Up!


No this can’t be, my inner voice screams as I take a picture of my youngest before he leaves for his first day of junior year. Who is this young man standing in front of me with his long, skinny legs and deepening voice? I can’t help but feel a little sad as I think back to my little boy trying to step into the bus with a backpack that was as big as he was. The years have flown  and now more than ever, I am sober to the idea of an empty nest. These kids have been my whole world and it is bittersweet to think my job here, at least when it comes to raising them at home, is quickly coming to an end. I am also grateful to have been blessed enough to be here for every moment. This morning I sat on the couch with a heavy heart as I reminded my husband that next year this time Chase will be starting his senior year. He quickly reminded me that there was no reason to fast forward this year in my mind and to embrace each day as it comes. This is a reminder to enjoy everyday. Don’t miss today because you are focused on the past or fearful about the future. Today is the one that matters. Pay attention to the details and imprint them on your heart. Change is inevitable but can also lead to the most amazing journey. Buckle up. Here we go!

2 thoughts on “Buckle Up!

  1. Your husband is right! Enjoy these last two years. Having one that just graduated and is already off having adventures far from home, these days are the ones to make memories. I know you know that–but it’s so easy to forget in the moment. I know I do.


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