With age comes wisdom right? I’m starting to believe maybe there is some truth to that. A few years ago I worried about every little detail. Back then, I believed if I was persistent enough, I could force my control over any situation. Life smacked me pretty hard as it sat there and laughed blatantly in my face. The older me now understands that me controlling anything is just a myth and the best way to handle life is to take it as it comes and stop fighting so hard against whatever reality is showing itself in a given moment. All the preparation, worrying and making myself crazy will not change the situation at hand. Patience and time put everything in perspective and a situation that seems impossible to get through today will seem like nothing in a few years. Let go of your need to force and control everything and trust that tomorrow, next week, next year will look so different than today. There is peace in that if you are willing to listen.


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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