Does Existence Have To Be So Painful?


We were driving to see Les Miserables and there was a sticker on a car that read Existence is Painful. I couldn’t help but shudder at the thought of someone putting that there in plain sight for the Universe to see. I’ve always believed that words and thoughts matter and what we focus on, we definitely bring more of. After watching such a tragic play, I felt sad on the way home. I kept thinking of the sticker I saw earlier and how so many people out their put so much precious time and attention behind the latest cause in hopes of leaving some impact or permanent mark. People are so angry and aggressive.  They are choosing sides. They want to take a stand. They want to matter. There are verbal attacks and marches but fewer and fewer family dinners. There are more cell phones and less conversations. Life is tragic. We all die in the dead like it or not. Existence is painful and our time is very short. Time has taught me that people matter. Being happy and putting time into what makes ones soul feel on fire far outweighs the things that weigh me down. There is so much out there that can bring a smile if only we focused on those things and the people right in front of us dying for us to pay a little more attention. I can’t help but wonder if we make our own and others existence more painful than it really has to be. How do you spend your time? What do you think about most and how does it make you feel? Sometimes it’s important to evaluate the quality of our thoughts and actions and how they contribute to the quality of the life we are creating. If we do create our own reality, can’t we do a little bit better? Just my thoughts on this rainy day.

4 thoughts on “Does Existence Have To Be So Painful?

  1. drnjbmd

    The only reality that we can change is our own. In the next instance, we can choose to change from negativity, envy, jealousy, hate, greed, and other thoughts/emotions that generally add up to misery. We change the world by changing our world one thought at a time. The most wondrous quality that we have as humans is that we can change our perspective as fast as we change our thoughts. Life is a gift.


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