Judging is for Jesus


I went to a wine festival with a friend last weekend and I bought a shirt that says, Judging is for Jesus. I didn’t even hesitate. I picked it right up and headed to the register. I often wonder if we have become blind to the amount of judging we do? In a world where opinions have become important enough to have hours of airtime devoted to them, have we become prisoners to our own minds? It wasn’t long ago when facts mattered but today someone’s opinion is like the word of God. Does anyone ever take a step back and shudder at the thought that we think we are experts on how someone should act, how emotional they should be and how they should respond in situations we could never understand? When the hell did we become so knowledgeable on what is right or proper for someone else? Do we ever think that maybe we don’t have the right to an opinion if we are not standing in someone’s shoes? I don’t know what is happening in today’s world but it’s really unfortunate how we are out to get others, rip them apart with our baseless, selfish opinions instead of really trying to understand another human beings situation. Life is hard and people unfair. What we all need is a break, more compassion and maybe to remember that judging is for Jesus. Why can’t we be less opinionated and more supportive? Maybe we should mind more of our own business and leave other people alone. Maybe someday our final judgement will be as aggressive as we have judged others. That’s something to think about.


2 thoughts on “Judging is for Jesus

  1. sklawlor

    I am finding it more and more difficult to be on social media these days, especially with all the people who condemn people for voting a certain way or for having certain opinions on issues related to politics. It is rare these days for me to offer such opinions because I don’t want to contribute to the unfortunate polarization that is occurring, an unnecessary division which click baiters and the mainstream media profit from whether in more dollars or higher ratings.

    People walk away from friendships and relationships over this shit and that leads me to believe that such unions probably weren’t as sound as they appear to be and that if person x is willing to abandon a friendship with person y because of who he or she voted for president, person x is really the intolerant one.

    Would you not agree?


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