What If This Nightmare Is Real?


I had the oddest dream last night. It ended with me standing in a room with a girl who was completely deformed. She had cracks in her face and body and I could see inside of her. I was mortified and I asked her how this happened and who did this to her. She didn’t say a word but handed me a mirror. I looked into it and saw my own reflection. Tears rolled down my face as I repeated the words, “I’m so sorry I hurt you.” It was in that moment that I was able to see the destruction that my own thoughts and words and actions bring to other fellow human beings. I was forced to stare at the destruction invisible to the eyes but clearly visible to the soul and heart. It was awful and I woke up trembling.

What if we really could see the destruction we bring to another? Do you think maybe we would try harder if the harm we caused was more visible? What kind of energy are we bringing to a world that has become combative, violent, unkind, mean? We have got to be accountable for the energy we bring. My mantra and reminder for today is do no harm. I also see how important it to remove myself from the thoughts and words of others who purposely or inadvertently bring harm. It’s time to stop this cycle before we destroy one another. It’s time to bring it to light and to spread that light for our own protection. We have to do better. The time is now.


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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