Perspective is Everything


I realized today that we cannot be fully open to what someone is saying if we are sitting on the edge of our seat waiting to negate someone’s words. If we are not willing to hear out a person and the entirety of their message then the conversation was over before it started. It is only after examining and welcoming a new perspective that we are able to challenge ourselves enough to consider something we may never have considered before. We are so sure we have all the answers that we’ve stopped asking questions and there alone lies one of the biggest problems of all. We can remain stuck or we can be open to grow. We can talk or we can listen. We can welcome information or we can insist we already know what there is to know. When is the last time you took an opportunity to open yourself up to something new…a new idea, a new belief, A new situation? Ask yourself, how open are you to learning and changing?


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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