Too Many Excuses, Too Little Time


I am curious as to whether or not people really think someone could be responsible for another persons actions. Here’s a newsflash. We think for ourselves. We make our own decisions. We know the consequences. It’s just a whole lot easier to blame someone else for everything we do in our own lives. If I think someone’s words, behavior or actions are harmful I certainly do not run out and mimic them. I definitely don’t go repeat someone’s behavior and then blame that person for my own behavior. This is obviously ridiculous. Number one problem with people these days is they point fingers and blame and use others as a scapegoat for their own poor behavior. People are out of control. They are impulsive and they say and do whatever feels right in the moment even if it’s harmful. The end used to justify the means but now we have turned that whole concept around. We have a people problem. We are individuals completely separate from one another. No one has the power or influence to make anyone do anything. We must be accountable and responsible for our own choices and stop grouping people and behavior together. It just doesn’t work that way in real life. It’s time to stop pointing the finger outward and turn it back towards ourselves. Do no harm period….not in your words, not in your thoughts and not in your actions. Stop with the excuses. Time for the blame game to come to an end.


2 thoughts on “Too Many Excuses, Too Little Time

  1. drnjbmd

    Even when a person blames themselves, it helps nothing. There is no room for blame in my vocabulary but plenty of room for action/contemplation. We all have to strive to keep moving forward because we can’t do anything about the past-it’s gone; we have the present to evaluate our feelings and actions which may or may not affect our futures. We can only change our own thinking. This is often my meditation on my morning run.

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