A picture popped up on my Timehop. It was from 4 years ago. My kids were at the table carving pumpkins. It made me smile as I remembered the time and effort they used to put in and how sometimes their pumpkins reflected each one of them so perfectly that it would make me laugh. Kayleigh would make a slightly mean looking pumpkin and Chases would look confused. Those were the moments that I remember often. Life has changed so much since that day. It makes my heart feel a little bit sad. My kids are turning 20 and 17 this year and all I can do is watch as our lives become less and less intertwined. I never really considered that we wouldn’t be together anymore. Maybe I wouldn’t have been able to stand the thought. I was so caught up in the responsibilities of raising them that I never thought about how the phase would end when they grew up. Sure I love watching them become adults and blossom into who they are meant to be but I also really miss them and that family of 4 eating dinner together every night. Sometimes I think about it and I just feel sad. This is a reminder that time slips through your fingers whether you notice or not. It spills right through regardless of whether you open your fingers and willingly let it pass or whether you try and hold onto it for dear life. Appreciate your life for exactly the way it is today because one thing is sure, tomorrow will look quite different.

Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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