Will You Be That Person?


I’m good. That’s how I responded to the text how are you? Inside I was dying. It was only 9:30 on a Monday morning and already I felt defeated. I had a flat tire, a Mountain Dew explode all over me and drove to Zumba only to find a sub there who is much too difficult for my torn meniscus to withstand. If someone said, how are you really? I would probably burst into tears. My anxiety is off the charts and despite my effort to rise above the everyday challenges, I am drowning with no life raft in sight. I am a mess…an awful mess and trying to look like I am holding it together is all I can do.

This is a reminder to reach out to someone today. There is somebody who desperately needs someone to really see them so they don’t have to feel so darn alone. There is someone who needs your encouragement, your time, your support. They need to be seen and heard and understood. Will you be that person today?

2 thoughts on “Will You Be That Person?

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