Give Yourself A Break Today


If someone asked you to list some positive attributes about yourself, could you do it? We spend a lot of time apologizing for who we are but seldom spend time bragging about what makes us special and unique.

Yesterday I got a text from my daughter about how excited she was to receive her spooky Halloween college care package. So one of my most notable qualities is that I am extremely and painfully reliable. I am that person who is always there doing whatever it is I’m supposed to be doing until it is obsessively perfect and completed. Image my horror when I discover this text at 4:30 yesterday afternoon and I haven’t even given a single thought to a care package? I was deflated. What happened to Miss dependable? She doesn’t get to slack off or forget because she hasn’t been having a very good week. I reached out for help and gratefully my husband was able to save the day and that package arrived today on time.

This is a reminder to love yourself as deeply as you do others. Forgive yourself and recognize that sometimes you need to get a break too. Embrace your humanness so that you can embrace others humanness too.

Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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