Go To The Light


Oh my goodness. I hear it. I see it. I feel it. The absolute panic caused by clinging to such worldly things. Negativity is a deadly, toxic disease. It goes after the spirit and it snuffs out the light until all that is left is fear and hopelessness. How do we contain it when people are having real, physical meltdowns because they don’t want a particular person in power or because the world does not reflect back what they think it should? When did we become so consumed with the shallow and sign up to fight a battle that is a distraction from the real war? Where are the voices that lift us up? Where are the hopeful, the joyful, the grateful? I can’t hear them because the small tribe around me has become infected with the poison. It bleeds out in their thoughts and their words as I draw my shield to protect myself from the damage. I have found a new “support” group that I meet with once a week. It is a space of healing and support. It renews my hope and stirs a peace and love beyond my comprehension. We all need a group or a person or a place who tugs at us long enough so that we can stand tall. We are warriors and we must drown out the dread and breathe hope and healing into the souls who are lost and broken. Step into the light and show yourself so your light can join with the Universal light and ones who choose to be blind can no longer ignore this beacon of hope.

You are meant for more than pettiness and smallness. You are meant to do great things and to share your peace and love with the rest of mankind. Be the light. Share the light. Spread it far and wide and remember the power it has to bring about the most profound change. Do it now. We need you.


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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