Is Your Life Empty or Full?


What is the message you woke up telling yourself today?

I heard a podcast yesterday that really made me re-examine my own words and thoughts. The idea was that many of us complain we don’t have anything to wear as we stare into a closet full of clothes. We open our refrigerators and complain there is nothing to eat despite the fact it is almost full. We turn on the tv and surf a thousand channels and still we cannot find a single thing to watch.

At what point do we stop and ponder what in the world is wrong with me? How can I allow myself to overlook my blessings and focus on what I do not have rather than what is right there in front of me? We have to learn to be happy and grateful in this moment exactly the way our life is now. This idea that I would be happy if…leaves us chasing ifs until we run out of days. There will always be another if and we have to choose to be happy in spite of it. It’s time use our words to reflect a joyful, gracious heart and practice, practice, practice until it becomes automatic. There is enough negativity in the world and we can choose not to contribute to it.

Today, choose to be happy. Bask in gratefulness and watch how your life changes before your eyes. So what’s it gonna be? Is your closet, fridge, life full or is it half empty? There are no ifs worth robbing you of your own happiness. Stop chasing them.

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